The ambo, the altar and the pulpit


Illustrazione realizzata da Riccardo Bonu

What Jesus did two thousand years ago during the Last Supper continues to take place every Sunday behind you, where are the ambo and the altar.

At the ambo, the Word of God is read: the Gospels that speak of Jesus and the other books of the Bible.
On the altar,however, the words of the Last Supper are repeated and Jesus is present in the bread and wine.

The altar and the ambo are in all the churches, but in the cathedral there is something more: the pulpit.

The term cattedra (pulpit) reminds you of school, right? In this case it is not the teacher’s desk, but the chair of the bishop. He is a
teacher as well. From the word cattedra (pulpit) derives the term cathedral!

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